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Hay guys,

I bring good news (kind of… not really).

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Well those are my stats so far on kids school struggles helpline.

Toodles =)


$Money Maker: Dog Walking$

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Dear kids (or anyone… maybe even aliens, Marsians, Uranusans, etc.),

Make some money yo!

From me

Hay! Hi! Sup!

Today I’ll be talking about…


Dog walking is a slow but easy way to make money. When I have some spare time, I walk neighbours dogs for $1.50 to $2.00 per every 5mins. It is a nice thing to do and gets yourself fit. So what I suggest is – like always – get your neighbours permission and your parents permission  and walk some dogs. Have dog food, a note pad, a timer and a pen on you.


So you can write down the dogs name and what house number and street it lives on. Therefore, if you continue to dog walk, you will know the dog’s name and where he/she lives so you can remember for next time.

Timing device:

If you are charging by the minute, make sure you are accurate and are timing it. if you do this and show them the time on your timing device, they won’t go and say you did it for 5mins when really you did it for 10mins.

Dog Food:

Make sure the doggie treats you have are okay with the dog’s owner – then if it is alright with them – give the dog a treat when they obey  you. This means they will listen and obey you when saying a command. it also makes the dog like you because they know you have treats for them. Lol.

Thanks guys for reading this (even though I’m currently getting zero, no views) and I hope to see you reading more $Money Makers$ next time.

Gracias! 😉 (still working on Spanish lol.) Toodles =)

Hi – Hola

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Buenos dias. Como estas? Estoy bien gracias. Adivina que. Que?


I just said:


Good morning. How are you? I’m good thanks. Guess what. What?


That was in Spanish too that last bit. Well guess what. Nos vemos. (See you later).

Panales =)

Toodles =)

A Quick Note

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I have decided to start reviewing things and writing about them on my blog. I wish to have your permission to write a review and publish your book, poetry, story song, etc. on my website. I will start today on a great book I decided to read called Rules by Cynthia Lord. It is a narrative with a great story line.

Thank you for reading this and bye for now. Toodles =)


Schools Out! Vacation Time!

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Hay guys. What sup’? Vacation is. Tomorrow is the last day of school! Less learning more movies and fun.

I have casual day so a bunch of my friends and I are going in our onesies to school. A lot of people do it and the ones I see are like Pikachu, cows, unicorns, giraffes, penguins and many others. If you have a onesie, comment below to tell me where other people and myself can purchase an awesome new onesie. Also tell me what they have on them, what colour they are etc. Can’t wait to see where I can get even more from. Anyway, my one is an adorable jaguar and I was joking about being a jaguar in a bikini to school. It would be hilarious to see someone do it and I still think there is a chance I will wear my onesie with a bikini. Get ready… Jaguar Bikini Girl, here she comes. Now back on topic again, my friend is going to wear her cute Elmo PJ’s.

Enough about PJ’s and more about actual school. Sometimes last week of the semester means test, exams and lots more painful things. But sometime topics are interesting and you can’t wait to see how well you did. Also report cards which means grades and teachers comments. You’re either lazy or determined, respectful or disrespectful, are a goodie 2 shoes or getting in trouble every 5 seconds. Teachers can be painful. P.S sorry if you are a teacher which I doubt. lol.

Anyway, I don’t know what you’re doing in the holidays but I’m having fun and hope you do to. See ya later alligator! Ooo! One last thing. What do you call an alligator in a vest? (go down below).


An      investigator                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Well goodbye for now and I’ll see you later. Toodaloo! =)

Sorry Guys That I have Not Posted! :(

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Hay guys. I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had any creative thoughts. Please, please, please, please, I am begging you to give me ideas. My friends have given me some great ideas and you can too. Great minds think alike so if there is lots of your ideas in the comments, repost it so I can see how popular it is.

Thanks guys so, so much. Toodles =)

From Simple to Awesome Narratives!

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Some kids struggle when it comes to writing and some kids thrive. But how do you write an interesting narrative still following the basic plan of, title, orientation, complication, sequence of events, and resolution? Well if you choose to continue reading you’ll find out!

So, usually you have one paragraph for each section and three for the sequence of events, but that gets boring after a while! But to fix this, all you need to do is include more paragraphs for your orientation and make sure you don’t have one problem but instead have, but they couldn’t free the bearded man from the trap until they had the map. So they went off exploring, trying to find the map when… Pete fell in a hole on an old, rickety bridge over a volcano! In the first sentence, you’ll see how part of it is written in green. This is because that section is the main problem. The bit that is written in pink is a small problem to make the story more intense. By adding, small, extra problems your narratives will become excellent!

Now, to make your writing even better, you’ll need to get interesting words to describe the scenes. This means, not repeating words, not being simple and saying for example, he jumped across the lake, instead say, he leaped across the lake while the dinosaur chased him around the island, write in the comments which one you would prefer but my opinion is the second option. So if I was writing a story and I said, Pete was very scared of the dinosaur so he hid behind a tree. Then the dinosaur went past him so he went on walking and then he saw a massive dragon fly and was scared, you would be bored wouldn’t you, but if I wrote, Pete was petrified of the dinosaur so he ran as fast as he could to get behind a tree to hide. The dinosaur couldn’t find him so he trod past. Pete then started exploring again and then… he got scooped up by a massive dragon fly! He was excited and scared at the same time and didn’t know what to do, I would love that story and I think you would too. So make sure you don’t repeat words and use interesting words instead.

Adjectives and adverbs help a story. They describe either the verb (which adverbs do) or the noun (which adjectives do). They make a story interesting , make it even more understandable and paint a picture in the readers mind to help them understand what is going on.

That is the end of this article and please comment ideas for me so I can keep writing. I am good at being brain dead for ideas. Hope this helped you. P.S I have used colour to make it more interesting. Hehehe. Toodles! (=