Boring Boredness!

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Muuuuuuummmm, I’m bored! Lots of little people say. But can you avoid being bored? Kinda. Being bored is boring. So when you’re bored what do you do? Easy! You create a list of things of what to do when your bored! I recommend you go visit because it has unique things that generally people don’t think of like build a robot out of magnets on the fridge and invent a new type of pizza. When I tried these things they were awesome but to get onto that website you will need to type in to your search bar, 101 Fun Things for Teens to do This (choose which one) Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring. But… I am not saying that other websites are bad or useless, I was stating the best website for me. Now below are a few things that will to my mind while writing a few things to do when bored. Here are a few things to do when bored (hehe repeated what I said lol) so:

  1. Ask shop owners stupid questions like, are your strawberries made from straw, are your green apples purple, etc. It’ll be funny.
  2. Make a dance. Make one with your friends dressed like Katy Perry singing California Girls (lol) orrrrrrrrrr…
  3. Make a music video and release it in the (your last name) household.
  4. Join a calisthenics club like, Reynella Braeview Calisthenics Club or Marden Calisthenics College in the southern area and just look up online cali clubs in your area. You will meet some new friends and learn new tricks.
  5. Look at a group photos or team photos of your class at school or a national sport. Make fun of the hilarious smiles, hairdos, etc. (It is extremely funny with what you’ll find).
  6. Read my other articles.
  7. Do your mum’s hair and she will hopefully be pleased that she didn’t have to ask you but make sure it looks really silly but say it’s beautiful (make it into a pineapple or a shark surfing).
  8. Dress up like a pineapple and make a theme song.
  9. Make a petting zoo with stuffed animals are your real pets.

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