Minecraft: DIAMONDS!!!

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Guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what! I was on Survival Mode doing some mining trying to get some more iron or other ores when I started building out a tunnel and… DIAMONDS! 6 diamonds were sitting there calling my name, come find some diamonds 2015princess8sofia, come find some shiny, blue diamonds, they said. After I had tunnelled down a little bit, I finally found them! The shiny, pretty, blue diamonds. Now here is a quick minecraft fact: pumpkins are rarer then diamonds, but I have already found pumpkins so my next goal was diamonds and I have now reached that checkpoint. In the comments please tell me about how you have found ores like lapis, redstone, iron, gold or diamond and how excited you were.

P.S if you have found pumpkins but don’t have diamonds… you are still a winner. And even if you haven’t yet found pumpkins but have iron or cobblestone tools you are also are winner heading for victory. P.P.S if you have already reached diamonds, you are still heading to a full world where you can not create anything else. Keep working guys. Toodles (=


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