Next Stop Acronymville: A Way to Stop Boringness on Long Trips

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Long trips can sometimes be the highway to boringness, but how do you stop this boringness? Simple! With a pen and paper, phone or anything that you can use to type or write with will be ok. What you need to do to bust this boringness (clever hay) is to create an acronym. Right now is probably the point when you are thinking, but princess8sophia (me) what’s an acronym? Well an acronym is like SAM. In this version it is about bullies and what you should do. My friend and I  have created this acronym so this is what SAM stands for,

S = stand together

A = arguing is not the answer

M = make sure your not the bad guy/ magnanimous is the key

Right now you are probably thinking, what does magnanimous mean because I don’t understand? Well magnanimous means generous and forgiving so you may want to think to yourself and see if your magnanimous or if you just don’t care about other people.

Anyway we’re getting a bit off topic now so, the best words and most challenging words to use are long words like; constellation, extraordinary, terrestrial, etc. Some other challenging things to do with acronyms is to use other  people’s names to describe there personality. Try to write a sentence with random words, make an acronym with the first word that came to your head or test yourself or compete with another person to see how fast you can make an acronym that makes sense not like for example

P = people

I = iron man

E = elevator

S = silver

because what people, are people iron man elevators that are silver, like that acronym does not make sense but if it was

P = people

I = in

E = elevators

S = smile

it would make sense because it is saying, people smile in elevators, just in a different order because pies is not spelt psie the ‘s’ goes at the end.

Well I hope this helps you bust your boredness (that’s right, still got it) and  please looks out for my next article. Toodles! (=


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