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Do you like sport that’s fun but want something? Well then why don’t you join calisthenics. Calisthenics is for girls who like dancing want to learn more then 1 routine and use objects with their movements. Calisthenics consists of; rods, clubs, march, dance, exercises and a mix of acting and acting. And you do not have to audition to do it.


March is basically marching around the room whilst pulling up, remembering posture and holding your head up high, locking your knees and stretching your feet. You will do this item every year.


Exercises is a routine where you will learn how to do the splits, proper cartwheels and walkovers, and lots of other movements which requires flexibility. And do not worry if you would like to do calisthenics but aren’t flexible (yet). The coaches will teach you how to warm-up properly so you will not pull any muscles and will gradually become more and more and more and more flexible.


Rods is a item with a rod. It consists of twists and clever movements like doing the splits whilst twisting a rod and dancing while twisting it.


Clubs is a item using to stubby, short, fat thing. You swing them and do feet movements too. In the end this is a fun routine and absolutely one of the most challenging.


Aesthetic is a slow item with a skirt where you are to dance with poise and beauty and be graceful. It usually has a long skirt with slow music but some people use shorter skirts.


Character folk is a fun item that tells a story like for example you could do, The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Usually coaches choose a story with lots of characters which makes everyone feel included.

Within that text you would of found out basic information about the items although there are more types.

Now I am going to introduce the categories of the different ages. The order from youngest to oldest goes Teenies, Tinies, Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors, and last but not least Masters. To find out more information go to a proper calisthenics website.

Bye for now. Toodles! (=


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