Month: July 2015

Schools Out! Vacation Time!

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Hay guys. What sup’? Vacation is. Tomorrow is the last day of school! Less learning more movies and fun.

I have casual day so a bunch of my friends and I are going in our onesies to school. A lot of people do it and the ones I see are like Pikachu, cows, unicorns, giraffes, penguins and many others. If you have a onesie, comment below to tell me where other people and myself can purchase an awesome new onesie. Also tell me what they have on them, what colour they are etc. Can’t wait to see where I can get even more from. Anyway, my one is an adorable jaguar and I was joking about being a jaguar in a bikini to school. It would be hilarious to see someone do it and I still think there is a chance I will wear my onesie with a bikini. Get ready… Jaguar Bikini Girl, here she comes. Now back on topic again, my friend is going to wear her cute Elmo PJ’s.

Enough about PJ’s and more about actual school. Sometimes last week of the semester means test, exams and lots more painful things. But sometime topics are interesting and you can’t wait to see how well you did. Also report cards which means grades and teachers comments. You’re either lazy or determined, respectful or disrespectful, are a goodie 2 shoes or getting in trouble every 5 seconds. Teachers can be painful. P.S sorry if you are a teacher which I doubt. lol.

Anyway, I don’t know what you’re doing in the holidays but I’m having fun and hope you do to. See ya later alligator! Ooo! One last thing. What do you call an alligator in a vest? (go down below).


An      investigator                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Well goodbye for now and I’ll see you later. Toodaloo! =)


Sorry Guys That I have Not Posted! :(

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Hay guys. I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had any creative thoughts. Please, please, please, please, I am begging you to give me ideas. My friends have given me some great ideas and you can too. Great minds think alike so if there is lots of your ideas in the comments, repost it so I can see how popular it is.

Thanks guys so, so much. Toodles =)