$Money Maker: Dog Walking$

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Dear kids (or anyone… maybe even aliens, Marsians, Uranusans, etc.),

Make some money yo!

From me

Hay! Hi! Sup!

Today I’ll be talking about…


Dog walking is a slow but easy way to make money. When I have some spare time, I walk neighbours dogs for $1.50 to $2.00 per every 5mins. It is a nice thing to do and gets yourself fit. So what I suggest is – like always – get your neighbours permission and your parents permission  and walk some dogs. Have dog food, a note pad, a timer and a pen on you.


So you can write down the dogs name and what house number and street it lives on. Therefore, if you continue to dog walk, you will know the dog’s name and where he/she lives so you can remember for next time.

Timing device:

If you are charging by the minute, make sure you are accurate and are timing it. if you do this and show them the time on your timing device, they won’t go and say you did it for 5mins when really you did it for 10mins.

Dog Food:

Make sure the doggie treats you have are okay with the dog’s owner – then if it is alright with them – give the dog a treat when they obey  you. This means they will listen and obey you when saying a command. it also makes the dog like you because they know you have treats for them. Lol.

Thanks guys for reading this (even though I’m currently getting zero, no views) and I hope to see you reading more $Money Makers$ next time.

Gracias! 😉 (still working on Spanish lol.) Toodles =)


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