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Do you like sport that’s fun but want something? Well then why don’t you join calisthenics. Calisthenics is for girls who like dancing want to learn more then 1 routine and use objects with their movements. Calisthenics consists of; rods, clubs, march, dance, exercises and a mix of acting and acting. And you do not have to audition to do it.


March is basically marching around the room whilst pulling up, remembering posture and holding your head up high, locking your knees and stretching your feet. You will do this item every year.


Exercises is a routine where you will learn how to do the splits, proper cartwheels and walkovers, and lots of other movements which requires flexibility. And do not worry if you would like to do calisthenics but aren’t flexible (yet). The coaches will teach you how to warm-up properly so you will not pull any muscles and will gradually become more and more and more and more flexible.


Rods is a item with a rod. It consists of twists and clever movements like doing the splits whilst twisting a rod and dancing while twisting it.


Clubs is a item using to stubby, short, fat thing. You swing them and do feet movements too. In the end this is a fun routine and absolutely one of the most challenging.


Aesthetic is a slow item with a skirt where you are to dance with poise and beauty and be graceful. It usually has a long skirt with slow music but some people use shorter skirts.


Character folk is a fun item that tells a story like for example you could do, The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Usually coaches choose a story with lots of characters which makes everyone feel included.

Within that text you would of found out basic information about the items although there are more types.

Now I am going to introduce the categories of the different ages. The order from youngest to oldest goes Teenies, Tinies, Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors, and last but not least Masters. To find out more information go to a proper calisthenics website.

Bye for now. Toodles! (=


Next Stop Acronymville: A Way to Stop Boringness on Long Trips

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Long trips can sometimes be the highway to boringness, but how do you stop this boringness? Simple! With a pen and paper, phone or anything that you can use to type or write with will be ok. What you need to do to bust this boringness (clever hay) is to create an acronym. Right now is probably the point when you are thinking, but princess8sophia (me) what’s an acronym? Well an acronym is like SAM. In this version it is about bullies and what you should do. My friend and I  have created this acronym so this is what SAM stands for,

S = stand together

A = arguing is not the answer

M = make sure your not the bad guy/ magnanimous is the key

Right now you are probably thinking, what does magnanimous mean because I don’t understand? Well magnanimous means generous and forgiving so you may want to think to yourself and see if your magnanimous or if you just don’t care about other people.

Anyway we’re getting a bit off topic now so, the best words and most challenging words to use are long words like; constellation, extraordinary, terrestrial, etc. Some other challenging things to do with acronyms is to use other  people’s names to describe there personality. Try to write a sentence with random words, make an acronym with the first word that came to your head or test yourself or compete with another person to see how fast you can make an acronym that makes sense not like for example

P = people

I = iron man

E = elevator

S = silver

because what people, are people iron man elevators that are silver, like that acronym does not make sense but if it was

P = people

I = in

E = elevators

S = smile

it would make sense because it is saying, people smile in elevators, just in a different order because pies is not spelt psie the ‘s’ goes at the end.

Well I hope this helps you bust your boredness (that’s right, still got it) and  please looks out for my next article. Toodles! (=

Minecraft: DIAMONDS!!!

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Guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what! I was on Survival Mode doing some mining trying to get some more iron or other ores when I started building out a tunnel and… DIAMONDS! 6 diamonds were sitting there calling my name, come find some diamonds 2015princess8sofia, come find some shiny, blue diamonds, they said. After I had tunnelled down a little bit, I finally found them! The shiny, pretty, blue diamonds. Now here is a quick minecraft fact: pumpkins are rarer then diamonds, but I have already found pumpkins so my next goal was diamonds and I have now reached that checkpoint. In the comments please tell me about how you have found ores like lapis, redstone, iron, gold or diamond and how excited you were.

P.S if you have found pumpkins but don’t have diamonds… you are still a winner. And even if you haven’t yet found pumpkins but have iron or cobblestone tools you are also are winner heading for victory. P.P.S if you have already reached diamonds, you are still heading to a full world where you can not create anything else. Keep working guys. Toodles (=

Thank You!

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Hay guys, just saying thank you for actually reading my articles and hope they help you. I am not here to become famous I just want to make your lives more pleasant and to help you guys through school or any tuff situations through life and if you would like to comment directly to me please name me 2015princess8sofia. Thanks guys for everything. Toodles! (=

Boring Boredness!

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Muuuuuuummmm, I’m bored! Lots of little people say. But can you avoid being bored? Kinda. Being bored is boring. So when you’re bored what do you do? Easy! You create a list of things of what to do when your bored! I recommend you go visit because it has unique things that generally people don’t think of like build a robot out of magnets on the fridge and invent a new type of pizza. When I tried these things they were awesome but to get onto that website you will need to type in to your search bar, 101 Fun Things for Teens to do This (choose which one) Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring. But… I am not saying that other websites are bad or useless, I was stating the best website for me. Now below are a few things that will to my mind while writing a few things to do when bored. Here are a few things to do when bored (hehe repeated what I said lol) so:

  1. Ask shop owners stupid questions like, are your strawberries made from straw, are your green apples purple, etc. It’ll be funny.
  2. Make a dance. Make one with your friends dressed like Katy Perry singing California Girls (lol) orrrrrrrrrr…
  3. Make a music video and release it in the (your last name) household.
  4. Join a calisthenics club like, Reynella Braeview Calisthenics Club or Marden Calisthenics College in the southern area and just look up online cali clubs in your area. You will meet some new friends and learn new tricks.
  5. Look at a group photos or team photos of your class at school or a national sport. Make fun of the hilarious smiles, hairdos, etc. (It is extremely funny with what you’ll find).
  6. Read my other articles.
  7. Do your mum’s hair and she will hopefully be pleased that she didn’t have to ask you but make sure it looks really silly but say it’s beautiful (make it into a pineapple or a shark surfing).
  8. Dress up like a pineapple and make a theme song.
  9. Make a petting zoo with stuffed animals are your real pets.

Hello world!

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Hello world and welcome to my helpline for anyone who struggles in life. I encourage other people to create their own websites and to have positive comments. I will ignore any negative comments to others or myself.

Hope you enjoy my blog. Toodles! (=

10 Minecraft Building Ideas!

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Hay again. You probably thought this was just about school stuff but I have gone to the level of school kid hobbies also and this includes one of my fave game…  minecraft! Now I like to get creative in minecraft with my building but sometime I run out of ideas to change and then create or to just build. Do you feel like this too? Well I wrote this to help people who get stuck on what to build so:

  1. Build a castle or a palace. Now this may sound boring but maybe build a emerald, diamond, gold, iron, redstone and other expensive block rooms. Or my personal fave, build it out of 1 of every item you own in survival or creative. It would look amazing!
  2. Build a fish tank. Build it as your personal swimming pool or spa or, build it as your fishes fish tank or turtle tank, or even better build a mini game out of it.
  3. Build a rollercoaster. This is one of the best ways to get creative.
  4. Build a pirate ship. AWESOME!
  5. Build a tree house. Or even better, a tree house parlour.
  6. Build a hot air balloon. Maybe a futuristic version.
  7. Build a haunted house. OoooooOOoooooooOOOooo! Spooky!
  8. Build a arena. I good one for sport lovers.
  9. Build a UFO. And don’t forget the symbols on the ground!
  10. Build a model of your skin. A massive model of your skin or Amylee33, iBallisticsquid/iSlippery Fellow, SquaishyQuack or my personal favourite……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Stampylongnose/Stampylonghead so go watch their videos and make sure you subscribe to all of them especially Stampy!!!

Hope you enjoyed! Toodles!