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Bad Bullying

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Do you ever get bullied at school? Does it hurt and lower your confidence? Well I know how you feel. Learning is a bumpy road to excellence but it’s worth it. But sometimes it is not the work that sucks, sometimes it maybe recess or lunch, or the feeling of not belonging and fitting in. Don’t give up though. With my help you can stop bullying or being bullied but it’s going to take confidence and not taking comments that bullies say to heart.

When you see someone being bullied you’re a bystander. Bystanders don’t know what to do when they see someone being bullied and that’s probably how you feel when you see a person being bullied. But your aim is to become an upstander and be the U hero! Upstanders start out being bystanders but what the difference is, upstanders stand up for themselves or other people. They’re the kind of person that will not stand there and watch someone get hurt physically or verbally instead they will help the bullied person. This is what you can do to help the person that’s being bullied verbally:

  1. If you see someone being bullied, find a way to get the person that’s being bullied, out of the bullies conversation and start a random conversation with him/her.
  2. Distract the bully by saying, look a plane, look a UFO, etc. (Make sure you and the person who was bullied run straight to a teacher and tell them what happened!)
  3. Make sure you tell the teacher and your parent if your frozen when you see a bully.

If the person is physically being bullied, here is what you can do and what you should not do:


  1. Run to a teacher and tell them everything, EVERYTHING, that happened and when you get home again tell your parent everything, again EVERYTHING, that happened but don’t freak out if you forget what happened, because you went to the teacher straight away they should know all the little details because you told them.

Don’t (I repeat) Don’t Do This:

  1. Don’t jump into their little battle, you will put your safety at risk.
  2. Don’t tease the bully once they have been told off, again your putting your safety at risk and, if they beat you up, you will get the blame for firing them up.

I hope this article helps you and please read more on my website. Toodles.